15 No B.S. CRO Tips to Create Blog Posts That Convert

Picture this: you’ve spent countless hours working on a piece of content, and your hard work finally pays off in the form of significant traffic.

But before you can celebrate, you soon realize one big issue:

Your traffic doesn’t seem to be converting.

Despite driving plenty of eyes to your great content, they aren’t sticking around.

Worse, they’re not taking any actionable steps like opting into your email list.

So what gives?

We were just as stumped when this happened to my company’s blog.

So we decided to figure out what was going on.

It turns out, even though we earned significant traffic from Google, our leads and conversions were anything but brag-worthy (as seen below).

15 No B.S. CRO Tips to Create Blog Posts That Convert

After sleuthing around to fix the issue, we uncovered 15 potential reasons to blame for our low conversions.


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Fortunately, they’re all fixable, as you’ll learn in this guide.

We’re sharing our no B.S. tips for creating blog posts that convert.

You’ll find a step-by-step content marketing strategy focused on SEO and CRO, because they go hand in hand.

Run through all 15 tips, and you’ll drive more traffic to your site and capture more leads for your sales funnel at the same time.

And that all starts with the first thing your leads will read.

1. Come Up with a Strong Headline (& Don’t Stop Until You Do)

Creating a click-worthy headline takes more practice than most people realize.

But a solid headline is a must if you want to lock in more conversions.

After all, if people aren’t compelled to click on the headline of your article (or another piece of content), you won’t even have the chance to convert them.

So what does it take to make a good headline?


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There’s a science to headline writing.

These proven formulas for structuring your headlines take specific adjectives, keywords, and trigger words into consideration.

That’s why it’s better to come up with a few different options, and then run them through a tool like…


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