20 Essential Skills for Digital Marketers


The digital marketing industry is comprised of individuals conducting any type of work online, whether it’s social media or email marketing. In many cases, multiple areas overlap.

When I began my career in the industry, I trained as a generalist SEO so I had to handle technical issues, PPC, link building, and content creation. Social media wasn’t the behemoth that it is today.

Today, I specialize in one area. Many of the SEO professionals I know also operate in a narrow slice of the industry.

I consider myself lucky to have had such a broad background. I think it gave me a better idea of how it all fits together.

I also learned how important it is to seek out more about things that you aren’t currently doing. It can only help you, and probably advance your career.

Soft Skills

Many people come into marketing with the soft skills that they need to do a great job.

Here are 10 soft skills I’ve found to be the most important for digital marketers.

1. Curiosity

I love it when we get an employee who wants to learn more.

There are so many aspects of digital marketing, so many little niche areas, and craving more knowledge about how it all fits together truly makes you better at whatever your role is.

2. Tenacity

If you give up easily, digital marketing is probably not the field for you.

You may work to rank a site and an update crushes you. You may pitch ideas that get rejected. You may be called in to help figure out why a site isn’t doing well.

Every day there’s something new, and that’s what keeps it all interesting.

3. Willingness to Listen & Learn

I have been wrong so many times it’s crazy. My employees know to argue their points with me if they think I’m wrong, and I’ve learned to really trust what they say.

I’ve had clients give me instructions that I don’t think will work out but I try them, and I’ve been surprised quite often. Thinking you know everything means you don’t have the opportunity to get better.


4. Adaptability

With my team, assignments can…


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