4 Essential SEO Strategies You Need to Focus on This Year

“What should I focus on this year?”

This is a question that I have been hearing a lot since 2019 kicked off.

I’ve been going back and forth on what the right answer to that question is, which is also why this article is being published in March and not January.

Already this year, so many new ideas, arguments, and hypotheses have been thrown out into the ether for discussion, and I wanted to see how some of those unfolded before I made the final call on which way to direct people this year.

I take this seriously because SEO is such a slow burn. I always want to make sure I steer people in a positive direction based on real-world experience and data. That’s the practical side of me.

The other side always wants to throw out-of-the-box ideas out into the world to get folks to start thinking a little bit differently about how they approach organic search within their organizations (which is mainly based on my 15-year gut instinct in the field).

Below are what I believe is a balance between those two sides.

1. On-SERP SEO (Or Whatever You Want to Call It)

Rand Fishkin gave an interesting talk at BrightonSEO back in September on what he believes is the future of search: “On-SERP SEO.”

Fishkin presented some staggering data that shows the decline of mobile and organic clicks and the rise of “no-click” searches.

He then released a study about paid and organic clicks and their relation to no-click searches (see blog post here).

The data is thought-provoking – but also somewhat disturbing.

It shows the general decline of both paid and SEO clicks in favor of users getting their answers on the actual SERP and not your site (with the content Google is appropriating from your site might I add).

So that sucks.

While I am never a fan of immediately adopting someone else’s ideas until proven over a period of time, it’s really hard to ignore the points and the data the Fishkin has presented.

Getting more visibility on the SERPs to gain more real estate is not a new…


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