41 Tips for Successful Webinars

Webinars are powerful.

When done right they can:

  • Build your brand.
  • Establish and grow your authority in your industry.
  • Generate a ton of leads.
  • Be repurposed into blogs, videos, and other types of content.

But there’s a problem.

Not all webinars are created equal.

While a select few enjoy massive success and over 500 attendees (2%, to be exact)…

Most fall flat, with low attendance and high drop-off rates.

But not to worry!

In this guide, you’ll learn 41 tips for pulling your webinar out of the mediocre, forgettable, zero-conversions zone.

But first, let’s talk a little more about webinars.


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What Is a Webinar?

Put simply, a webinar is an online seminar.

It has all the necessary elements of a seminar: host, presenter, presentation (usually slides and other visual media), and audience.

The key difference is that webinars are held purely online.

The typical webinar template looks like this:

  • Inspirational story.
  • Meat of the webinar (which includes video of the presenter talking, plus slides).
  • Q&A portion, where attendee questions are answered live.

The main difference between webinars and online videos is that webinars offer live interaction between the presenter and the audience.

Why You Should Use Webinars

If you’ve never run a webinar before, why start now?

Five reasons.

  • You can reach people from anywhere in the world. No more being limited to Joe down the street. Also, no more expensive plane tickets for your guests.
  • Your audience can interact directly with you. This is a huge enticement, especially if you’ve already gained traction as an industry leader.
  • You establish trust. If your free webinar is power-punching and amazing, it follows that your paid products are beyond great, right? (Hello, conversions!)
  • You gain leads. Since registering requires email addresses, a webinar event pulls in a ton of new leads.
  • You gain a huge source of inspiration. Webinar content is just the beginning. With a touch of creativity, you can repurpose it into…


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