5 of the Best Social Media Lead Gen Techniques


I have worked with B2B advertisers for nearly my entire PPC career. During this time, social platforms have introduced several great features for B2B advertising and lead generation.

Below are a few of my favorite lead gen tactics for paid social platforms. We will be looking at Facebook and LinkedIn exclusively because these are two of the biggest social platforms for lead gen.

1. Lead Gen Form Ads

This seems like an obvious recommendation, but I have encountered several B2B advertisers who have not leveraged one-click lead forms.

5 of the Best Social Media Lead Gen Techniques

5 of the Best Social Media Lead Gen Techniques

Why You Should Use This Feature

This ad type automatically pre-fills the form with user data, making it as easy as one click for a user to fill in your form.

Thanks to the ease of use and customization capabilities, these ads are great for anything from content promotion to demo signups (and even beyond traditional lead gen).

Some advertisers choose to employ additional fields on their lead forms that require the user to engage more with the form.

In addition to gathering more information about the user, additional fields can also help with prequalifying leads and learning more about where users are in the buyer’s journey.

Facebook lead gen forms allow advertisers to create up to 15 custom questions.

LinkedIn lead gen forms allow advertisers to select up to 12 fields and utilize custom questions.

How to Use This Feature

Lead gen forms are an easy ad type to set up. There is no landing page needed, only the form fields and any supporting information you want to be included on the form itself.

In Facebook, lead ads can be created in Ads Manager or from a Page. A new campaign simply needs to be set to the Lead Generation objective to utilize lead ads. Additional information on lead ad creation can be found on Facebook Ads Help Center.

In LinkedIn, lead gen forms can be utilized in new Sponsored Content or Sponsored InMail campaigns as long as the campaign objective is set to lead generation.

More information about setting up lead gen campaigns and…


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