5 Types of Stories Brands & Marketers Should Be Using

For many, the term “storytelling” conjures up memories of reading nursery rhymes or fantastical childhood tales like “Sleeping Beauty” or “Cinderella”.

It often has the connotation of being fuzzy-feely, make-believe, or something best reserved for novels.

So how, then, does storytelling apply to the often fact and data-filled world of marketing?

Believe it or not, some of the same principles of storytelling apply to marketing – weaving a tale with words, speaking to emotion, and leaving readers with a lasting impression.

Marketers & Brands Can Be Storytellers, Too

Storytelling, if done effectively, can do wonders to engage with one’s target audience and entice them to buy.

The issue is, many brands and marketers don’t fancy themselves as storytellers.

The question, Is an analytical mind incongruent with the creativity and emotion of storytelling?

Fortunately, there’s a way to take a data-focused approach to storytelling that will help you make the most of your content when it comes to traffic, shares, and conversions.

Here are five story types that you can use to broaden reach and draw in new clients or customers.

5 Story Types to Engage Your Audience & Drive Them to Take Action

The basic “story types” have been covered ad nauseam in the past, mostly in relation to what kind of emotion they provoke in the reader.

Instead of putting my own spin on these types (most of which marketers have already heard) of, I am bringing up some story types that I have seen pick up traction lately.

The tried-and-true still work, but why be boring?

Apply these to your own brand’s content or incorporate them into the content marketing strategy for your clients.

1. SEO Search Journeys

In late 2018, Google introduced what they call Search Journeys. To me, this is amazing.

Search Journeys takes “user intent” to a whole new level.

Rather than identifying the intent of the user based on the keywords and context used, Google is now using AI to predict where users are at in…


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