7 Reasons Why Accessibility is Good for SEO and Sales

Accessibility is a factor that has traditionally been on the margins of SEO and web development. There are solid business reasons for why accessibility should be a top consideration. Accessibility can have a positive effect on sales and SEO.

Accessibility Should Not Be an Afterthought

The recent WordPress 5.0 release brought the issue of accessibility to mind. Accessibility was addressed by a plugin instead of being a core part of WordPress. This gave the impression that accessibility was treated as an afterthought and not a core requirement.

A member of the WordPress and SEO community brought this to attention in the official announcement by WordPress:

Screenshot of Joe Hall commenting on the official WordPress 5 announcment

Seven Reasons to Focus on Accessibility:

  1. Accessibility can enhance SEO
  2. Accessibility should be considered by everyone who works in web development or digital marketing
  3. People with disabilities are consumers
  4. It’s an opportunity to dominate your niche by serving a community that competitors are overlooking
  5. Accessibility can increase traffic
  6. Accessibility can increase sales
  7. Accessibility can decrease bounce rate

What the SEO Community Says About Accessibility

I asked four members of the search marketing community about integrating accessibility concerns with SEO and web development. Here is what they said:

Jenny Halasz

It is past time!

The ADA is actively working to make the accessibility requirements in section 508 standard for everyone.

Not to mention that accessibility requirements are also good SEO. For example, a fully JS site that a bot couldn’t crawl won’t pass accessibility tests either.

I should say likely will not pass all tests…

Alan Bleiwess is a top site auditing professional. He said that accessibility was a part of his site audit checklist.

Alan Bleiweiss

Accessibility is integrated into the vast majority of my site audit work. Since I perform broad, overall strategic audits, I don’t focus on the full spectrum of accessibility considerations. Yet I have my assistant run WCAG compliance…


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