7 Types of Social Proof to Grow Your Ecommerce Sales

What are the strongest factors that influence your customers to buy?

Social proof, first introduced by Robert Cialdini in “Influence“, is one of the most impactful drivers of consumers’ purchase decisions.

As an ecommerce site, socially-reinforced trust signals can help you:

  • Increase conversion rates.
  • Improve the trustworthiness of your brand.
  • Increase consumers’ confidence in transacting with you.

Here are seven tactics for incorporating social proof into your ecommerce site.

1. Transactional Pop-ups

A core tenet of social proof is that in an uncertain situation, we rely on individuals around us to make us feel certain about our decisions.

Transactional pop-ups allow ecommerce sites to provide quick bursts of social proof by displaying real-time reviews, recent transactions, and website activity.

This form of social proof is effective because you’re able to provide third-party reviews that are highly influential in most purchase decisions.

You can even curate these reviews so you are only showing the most helpful content for your readers, as opposed to prospects trying to seek reviews out themselves and perhaps being influenced to not buy.

I won’t lie – this social proof may have influenced my decision to buy a Nectar mattress:

Nectar Mattress

2. User-Generated Content

UGC is one of the biggest drivers of social proof for ecommerce sites. Both onsite and offsite reviews, testimonials, and images of your customers using your products are marketing gold for business growth.

One of the challenges with UGC is that it can be hard to find, get permission to use, and integrate into your ecommerce platform or CMS.

Thankfully, there are a number of plugins and solutions (e.g., Pixlee, Curalate) that can provide this functionality for your site.

Here are a few examples:

I’m currently in the hunt for a new lounge chair. This section provides both the context of the product in someone’s home and a review to show satisfaction with the brand.

Here is a similar example…


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