Danny Sullivan Reminds Google of Webmaster Ecosystem

Google’s Danny Sullivan shared details of an internal Google event called, Ranking Fair. Googler’s share suggestions about the search results. Danny Sullivan shared the top concerns that trouble web publishers. The web marketing community approves.

Danny Stands up for Publishers

Danny tweeted about Google’s ranking fair:

“The search team at Google holds regular “Ranking Fairs,” which are like science fair for sharing your projects with others in search.

I’m doing my first one today sharing some of the webmaster ecosystem concerns I hear. I share these in other ways, too. But this is more creative!”

Danny states that he shares web publisher concerns with Google in many ways.

Webmaster Ecosystem Concerns

Google’s Danny Sullivan shared top publisher concerns that make publishers feel that Google is breaking the implicit terms of the relationship between Google and publishers.

Google’s success depends on publishers continuing to create quality content.

Publisher success mostly depends on Google rewarding quality content and an excellent user experience.

An online business can do well without Google. But Google cannot succeed without the publishers.

This is what the concept of the Google/Webmaster Ecosystem is all about.

Top Publisher Concerns Communicated to Google

Danny Sullivan is officially the liaison for Google to web publishers. The definition of liaison is,  “Communication or cooperation which facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.”

Facilitating cooperation from Google with publishers appears to be a major concern for Danny Sullivan. His entire presentation was focused on getting Google to see how it’s behavior is viewed by publishers.

Voice Search

A top concern is Google’s voice search. Google has not communicated how voice search will benefit publishers.

No responsible business creates a service that will lose money. Google must have a path to monetization but it’s not sharing it with publishers.

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