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The digital marketing strategies used in B2B for the industrial sector are completely different from the strategies used in other industries because the audience is unique. According to the 2018 buyer survey report, 31% of buyers said that their buying cycles are longer when compared to 2017. Of them, 76% of buyers desired content that speaks to their company needs. And 65% of them followed peer recommendations and online reviews. That’s why manufacturers need digital marketing because each touch point is critical.

I will explain it step by step on how to create a digital marketing strategy that you need to apply in order to get relevant traffic and to increase your ROI.

B2B industrial manufacturers digital marketing tips:

Collect important information from the client

It is very important to collect the following information from the client:

  • List of products or services that provide higher ROI
  • Competitors
  • Keywords or topics  that they consider relevant
  • Target market
  • The location where the client can deliver products or services
  • New products/services
  • Industries they serve
  • Complementary services/products

This information will give me a starting point about the topics I need to start mapping out for my keyword research. I focus on the topics- keywords that provide higher ROI to my clients and in the main products or services. Feedback from clients about competitors, keywords, and target market are extremely useful.

I know I have tools to find this information but it is always good to get the insights from the source. Many software provides competitors and keywords based on the website’s content. Furthermore, think for one moment that it is possible that your client is not ranking or does not have the right content yet on his/her website. Then the tool will not provide you the right competitors.

After getting the information above, I do an exhaustive keyword research and competitor…


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