Early data on Google March 2019 Core Update show an interesting pattern


JustinBieberMusic.com seems to be one of the early winners in Google’s latest algorithm update.

Data collected this weekend from providers that track Google search results changes seem to suggest that many of those who saw gains with the August 1, 2018 core update saw negative impacts with the recent March 2019 core update. Meanwhile, those who saw negative impacts with the August 1, 2018 core update, saw gains with the update last week.

To be clear, this was not everyone – but there were plenty of winners and losers that pretty much saw reversals to their gains or losses from the August 1 update.

Survey results. The early numbers from the March 2019 core update survey currently show that almost 60 percent of those 315+ people who have filled out the survey claim they saw a recovery from a previous core update.

Here is that pie chart:

Search Metrics Winners/Losers. Search Metrics provided us with their winners and losers charts, here are the top 15 for each category.


  • kansas.com saw a 28.49% increase in visibility.
  • updateland.com saw a 118.22% increase in visibility.
  • buzzfeed.com saw a 35.98% increase in visibility.
  • xnxx2.pro saw a 52.11% increase in visibility.
  • techcrunch.com saw a 19.21% increase in visibility.
  • poki.com saw a 19.87% increase in visibility.
  • visitwichita.com saw a 52.75% increase in visibility.
  • allmenus.com saw a 41.80% increase in visibility.
  • hoursguide.com saw a 113.95% increase in visibility.
  • justinbiebermusic.com saw a 95.56% increase in visibility.
  • gossipcop.com saw a 133.63% increase in visibility.
  • everydaypowerblog.com saw a 18.14% increase in visibility.
  • kake.com saw a 32.26% increase in visibility.
  • wichitaonthecheap.com saw a 48.78% increase in visibility.
  • kwch.com saw a 20.54% increase in visibility.


  • theatlantic.com saw a 47.69% decrease in visibility.
  • vanityfair.com saw a 43.69% decrease in visibility.
  • newyorker.com saw a 44.44% decrease in visibility.
  • rollingstone.com saw a 20.47% decrease in visibility.
  • wired.com saw a 24.13% decrease…


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