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The moment we’d been waiting months for finally arrived yesterday.

More than 5,000 marketers descended upon San Francisco, eagerly anticipating what Google would unveil at this year’s Google Marketing Live.

We were not disappointed.

Google is shifting search into a new direction with more than 10 product releases and new data features.

Anticipate, smart, machine learning, and responsible were the buzzwords of the day. Each innovation and beta touched on at least two of these themes.

Until now, search strategies aspired to tap into an entire user journey’s path. However, these journeys are increasingly complex.

Users’ thought process is often not linear, making the traditional marketing funnel less relevant.

Interaction with marketing channels is far from siloed, making channel specific strategies less effective.

For example, Google cited a study where a user’s decision to buy a video game involved more than 200 circuitous actions over several weeks.

To provide a relevant online experience, it’s crucial to anticipate a user’s specific needs at each moment in time.

No doubt, one should have the final conversion action in mind. However, to get the user that far, one has to answer each of their question in a highly relevant way.

It is no longer enough to merely show up when triggered by a keyword search. Brands must:

  • Be a trusted adviser.
  • Provide rich answers seamlessly.
  • Give users the option to move as quickly or slowly as they want in their discovery journey.

And they must do so creatively with ever important privacy imperatives and growing data constraints.

6 New Ad Formats

To better anticipate and respond to user queries, Google unveiled six new ad formats.

Google’s new ads are all highly engaging, with visual elements and particularly well suited for with multi-channel strategies.

SEM Gallery Ads

Reminiscent of visual site links and earlier iterations of image integrations, these ads convey what you have to offer in a more interactive format and more easily…


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