Get 2x the Results with 1/2 the Content – Here’s How


SERPs have become a zero-sum game in the last decade.

To win, others must lose.

The rich get richer and the losers get zilch.

So being the best is the only viable, defensible long-term strategy.

The trick is that you can’t stop. Production doesn’t drop.

You just focus it on the places where it’s most likely to produce the biggest, fastest results.

Here are those three places.

1. Refresh Old Content

Brittany Berger is a SaaS content marketer who has worked with companies like Mention and eZanga.

At Mention, she ran into the all-too-common problem of wearing all the marketing hats. She was responsible for new content, webinars, partnerships, emails, and more.

Fortunately, she realized early on that the importance of new content is often overblown. A simple glance at Google Analytics confirms that nearly ~80% of most blog traffic comes from content that’s months (or years) old.

And that’s why Brittany still prioritizes refreshing old content before plowing into new production.

Berger explains:

“Let’s say you are publishing a blog post twice a week for a year, after year, that is 100 blog posts. And assuming that you put a decent amount of effort into making them, that’s 100 topics.”

“Are there really that many more than 100 topics that your audience needs from you? And so after that one year, is your effort best spent coming up with new things that maybe target a less perfect audience or is it worth taking the content you already have and going, ‘Has everyone that needs to see this seen this or should we put more effort into that?’”

For the left-brainers, that translates to yield.

Refreshing old content – the ‘core’ ~100 topics that Berger describes – can often produce a better return on a lower investment.

Might sound crazy initially, until you start looking at the numbers and the same 80/20 ratio pops up everywhere. The top 1,000 of’s 4,784 posts (~21%) make up 80.99% of the traffic. While “more than half the content doesn’t…


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