Google Sends „Violating Ad Experiences” Violation Notices to Site Owners


Google has begun sending out a new warning related to the Ad Experience Report added earlier this year.  The violation notices warn of specific infractions related to the Better Ads Coalition with the way site owners have implemented ads on both desktop and mobile sites.

This new violation does require site owners to file a reconsideration request, which can be accessed right from the Ad Experience Report for any site that has received a notice.  But as of right now, there is no penalty or impact for not doing anything if you get a notice. Google confirmed to The SEM Post that this will change in the future, as well as having a set time that site owners will have to fix ads before they are filtered out automatically by Chrome.

Here is the original notice:

And here is how it appears in the Ad Experience Report.

Once ad filtering begins, it seems that it will be flagged here. It is worth noting that the comment field for the reconsideration request is prefilled by Google, and is only a suggestion.

By comparison, here is how it would appear if the site was checked and found to be in compliance.

But Google has also said that sites are periodically reviewed, but would not give specifics on how frequently – or not – this would happen.  It isn’t clear if it is manual processed initially, or if it is automated, but the review process seems to be handled manually.

How and when Google decides to review a site isn’t known either, since many site owners still see “Status: Not Reviewed” when they check their sites.

Google is checking multiple pages on a site to ensure that they avoid the possibility of a “one-off” situation.  This can mean that the manual action can either be a “status: warning”, if it was only found on some pages, or a “status: failing”, if the problem was found to be widespread.  According to Google:

When testing sites for the Better Ads Standards, we try to account for spurious experiences by testing multiple pages, multiple times, and…


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