Google Update Florida 2 – It’s a Big One

Danny Sullivan of Google has announced that Google is updating it’s algorithm. It’s another broad core update. I had private information that a big update was imminent. It was decided beforehand to call it Update Florida 2 since the update discussion began at the recent PubCon Florida. I received credible information that this update is big.

Google Update Florida 2

Google Broad Core Update

This is a broad core update. That means that Google is not targeting any niche or any particular signals, like quality. In a broad core algorithm update, Google is not targeting anything.

Some in the SEO industry theorize that Google “targets” specific industries. But John Mueller has consistently denied that broad core updates target specific niches.

Broad core updates do not target websites, niches or qualities. That is why Google has said that in broad core updates, there is nothing to fix.

The best approach to understanding a broad core update is to set aside preconceptions that Google is targeting low page quality or niches. Then focus on relevance related factors.

How to Respond to a Broad Core Update

I have analyzed many websites that have been affected by broad core updates and two common issues I have discovered is what looks to me like a change in how Google interprets a search query and/or a change in how Google is understanding a web page.

There are many other factors that can affect a web pages ranking as well, like links. Links remain an important ranking factor.

What is a Broad Core Update?

Broad core updates are improvements to Google’s overall algorithm for the purpose of better understanding search queries and web pages. These improvements help Google to more accurately match search queries to web pages and improve user satisfaction.

It can be said that the underlying goal of all broad core updates has been to improve user satisfaction.

One of the past broad core updates involved the introduction of Neural Matching (read about Neural Matching algorithm here). Neural matching was not…


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