Guide to voice search optimization: Six steps to undertake in 2019

Have you ever tried to search for some data online when you were multitasking and couldn’t type the text? It would be quite challenging without the opportunity to conduct voice search.

According to PWC report, 71% of respondents would rather use their voice assistant to search for something than physically typing their queries. And what’s the most important is that the differences between spoken and typed queries may cause different SERP. It means that your competitors’ voice search optimized websites have much more chances to engage most of your potential customers or subscribers.

If you want your website rank for voice queries as high as for the typed ones, this article will help you discover all the steps you should undertake.



Voice search evolution

Do you remember when voice search required calling a phone number from your mobile device and saying your search query? Well, it was in the early days of voice search (to be more precise, in 2010), and few people actually used it.


Since then, voice search has improved significantly. On June 2011, Google announced they started to roll voice search on Once being available only in English, today there are about 60 languages supported in Google Voice Search.


With ‘Hummingbird,’ updated in 2013, the concept of typed and especially spoken search changed a lot. The algorithm emphasized natural language processing and was aimed at considering the users’ intent and the context of the query. From that moment search questions structured in sentences got more relevant answers. So, it influenced voice search, which is usually formed from long phrases, a lot.

How to optimize for voice search

Experts’ opinions about optimization for voice search differ but each of them agrees that it’s an important part of an SEO process.


Here is, for example, Jenny Halasz’s mind: ‘While voice search is certainly the future of how we will do most searches, there’s not…


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