How Can I Feature a Temporary Promotion Without Losing My Primary Keyword?

This week’s Ask An SEO question is from Alex in Chicago:

“We are a credit union and regularly have promotions on our website product pages. Our hero image has a targeted keyword in the h1. We want to make the promotion front and center, however, I don’t want to remove a keyword that helps us rank. Therefore, we have been putting a smaller “special offers row” below the hero. What do you think: Is it better to have that offer more prominent in the hero and potentially remove a keyword, or keep the offer in a less noticeable space below it?”

The short answer here is, it depends…

But I would say that, for SEO purposes, you do not want to modify the H1 text to feature the promotion if that means potentially hurting your existing rankings and traffic for that page.

If preserving the rankings for the existing primary keyword is the goal, adjusting or changing the H1 is going to have a negative impact.


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However, changing the hero image itself should be relatively safe.

Keep the Primary Keyword in the H1

I suspect you’re hesitant to remove that keyword from the H1 because you are generally happy with where that page is ranking for that specific term or phrase, and you’re worried about tanking the ranking and losing traffic.

Even if you’re able to immediately rank well for whatever the promotion is, will the traffic from the temporary promotion immediately equal or exceed the traffic you’re consistently getting from the established trophy term?

Probably not… but I don’t know what the variables here are, so you’d have to answer that question by doing some keyword research.

Look at the search volume for the respective terms and consider that you’d be going from “I’m already ranking #2 for this phrase and it brings in X-amount of new visits per month.” to “I might or might not be able to get onto page 1 for this new phrase, and based on the KW volume, I *might* be able to bring in Y-amount of new visits.”


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