How Long Does It Take to Get First Page Rankings?  

For the past 12 years that I’ve been optimizing websites, there is no question I get asked from clients and prospects more than:

“How long will it take me to get ranked in the first page of Google for my targeted keywords?”

I’m sure a lot of you have received emails from shady companies stating that you can get to the top of Google in 30 days for just two payments of $100.

I wish this was true, but all companies that advertise these sorts of services are all scam artists and have no idea of what it takes to get to Page 1 in Google.

Before I give my answer based on my experience, let’s explore two things that should make my answers clear and easy to comprehend.

  • Do rankings even matter anymore, and should I focus only on my website?
  • Is it difficult to get to Page 1?

Do Rankings Even Matter Anymore?

I just love it when the CEO of a company comes to the marketing director, manager, or person in charge of SEO and says, “We need to rank for xyz terms on Page 1.”

You conduct your keyword research and find out that those terms have no search volume nor purchase intent.

Rankings are important but a true measurement of SEO is to get qualified traffic that results in conversions.

Getting to the first position for some keywords doesn’t mean anything if you are not going to impact your sales and conversions.

Your agency or in-house team might’ve gotten you on the top 3 listings – but that doesn’t matter if no one is searching for those terms.

But if your CEO wants to rank for terms that are only relevant to him, like his name, then that could be done rather easily (in a month or less based on my experience) with a few:

  • External links.
  • Internal links.
  • Social links.
  • Etc.

Are Websites Still Needed?

Websites are still needed. However, soon we won’t be relying on them as much as we used to because more content is being consumed by social media and in apps.

It’s time to stop thinking about your website as your only marketing vehicle and have a clear plan for your voice…


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