How You Can Find the Most Responsive Link Building Targets


Imagine you wake up one day and realize that everything you thought you knew about link prospecting was a lie.

Well, this might not be too far from reality.

Think I’m joking?

Unfortunately, I’m not.

And I have data to prove it.

Brian Dean, an internationally recognized SEO expert, published a study revealing that your outreach email has only an 8.5% chance of being responded to.

Now let’s do some math.

You send 1,000 emails and get about 80 responses, based on Dean’s estimation.

Not bad, you think?

Well, let’s dive a little deeper.

For those 80 responses, you will be lucky to get 50 links.

To sum up, 1,000 emails result in 50 links – a 5% success rate.

Even 50 links might change your site’s ranking dramatically, depending on your industry. Usually, though, that isn’t the case.

As an example, on a screenshot below you can see that the highest ranked pages for a “link building” have over 900 referring domains.


To get those 900 links, following Dean’s estimation, you will have to send about 18,000 emails.

So if you’d rather learn a more efficient link prospecting method than sending thousands of emails – this post is for you.

Why Do Current Link Prospecting Approaches Not Result in a Flow of Links?

When we think of link prospecting approaches, the first word that comes to mind is relevancy.

Pitching topics that are relevant to blogs you want to collaborate with is always a good idea.

But what happens when you have to build links for diverse niches and clients? That’s when it becomes tricky.

There is no question that relevancy still plays a big role.

But now it all comes down to relationships. Link building transforms into relationship building.

Think about this:

Would you rather link to a stranger’s website or to a domain that belongs to a person you have a close business relationship with.

The answer is clear.

Broken link building works just the same.

We noticed that the link targets were neither responsive nor willing to allocate links to our pitched…


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