How You Can See Google Search Results for Different Locations

What you and I are likely to see in Google differs a lot even if we search for the same thing.

The results we get depend on our:

This makes perfect sense to users who often search Google for places and services nearby.

At the same time, this leaves marketers blind to what customers really see in Google in all the different locations their business targets.

So, today we’ll dig deeper into localized search results and look into every possible way to search Google from another location – both manually and using tools.

Do All SERP Elements Depend on Location?

The short answer is “yes.”

Even though we often think of local search as something related to “local 3-pack” blocks, the rest of the SERP is also tailored for the searcher’s specific geo-location (especially for queries with an obvious local intent).

In different locations, you may see changes in organic listings (the 10 blue links include different local businesses and directories), knowledge panels, universal search blocks, and paid ads.

How You Can See Google Search Results for Different Locations

But What If We Simply Ignore the Change?

The bad news is, whatever research you’re up to – be that tracking search presence, analyzing competition or looking for relevant directory placements – you almost always need a certain level of SERP localization. Otherwise, you’re simply leading yourself astray.

But there’s also some good news: the level of needed granularity differs.

And while local 3-pack results are hypersensitive to the slightest location change and might sometimes require being tracked from a specific street address, organic search results remain much more stable.

For some of your organic tracking, city-level analysis is more than enough. For others, you barely need going beyond country localization.

So, let’s talk about different SEO tasks and cut through the different localization levels.

How to Check Country-Specific SERPs

This type of monitoring might suit an international brand that targets multiple countries. Tracking your search presence on a…


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