John Mueller Discusses Links that Google Ignores


In a Webmaster Hangout, Google’s John Mueller answered a question related to link building. John Mueller’s answer gave a peek into a little known part of Google’s algorithm that handles links.

How Does Google Treat Links?

The question was very specific. It asked how Google treated specific link building tactics that are easy to do.

Here is the question asked:

How does Google treat backlinks from website analysis websites or user profiles?

Website Analysis websites may be a reference to websites that provide technical information about domains.

User profiles is a reference to joining web forums and creating a profile. Spammers add a link to their profile that is shown. Typically a forum links to the membership list where Google finds and crawls the profile link. Every post on a forum features a link back to the member’s profile. A spammer will sometimes seek to exploit that be creating a few posts that result in a link to the profile which then links to the target site.

This is one of the easiest ways to build links. There is even software for automating the process of registering and creating a profile with a link.

John Mueller answered the question but broadened the scope to address a wider range of easy link building techniques.

“I guess user generated content and automatically generated content sites. For the most part we ignore those because like, they link to everything and it’s easy to recognize so that’s something that we essentially ignore.”

Google Ignores Forum Profile Links

John Mueller made it clear that Google ignores forum profile links. He called them, user generated content links. What’s interesting is that Mueller said that they were easy to recognize. This is important.

That means that Google doesn’t use fancy link analysis or anything like that. Google’s algorithms easily recognize them as forum profile links and automatically do not count them. The context probably sends a signal that they are forum profile links and they are removed…


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