Marketing Accessibility Based on Human Life Experiences

Companies buying accessibility AI remediation solutions for websites show a careless attitude toward visitors with human life experiences.

The latest approach to website accessibility is a claim that one line of JavaScript inserted into a website property:

  • Defends the company from an accessibility lawsuit.
  • Automatically remediates the source code.
  • Provides adjustments for disabled people to use the website.

One script.

One solution.

For billions of people worldwide.

Even Fortune 100 companies are investing thousands each year for AI solutions for accessibility.

Rather than building an accessible website and testing it with disabled users, they choose a non-human approach.

Not only that, these brands are used as models for other businesses to follow by allowing their websites to be used to market accessibility overlays.

Prioritizing Design for People First

Most companies guide digital product and web design decisions through the process of creating business requirements.

Marketing strategies follow, also intended for the company’s benefit.


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We have all witnessed situations where the end-user is not served well by a website or app.

And in the event that some user experiences are accounted for, only a few make it into the final design, and even less are tested out in the field before launch.

This is one of the reasons why user personas are not popular. They were used as representative humans.

However, designing for inclusion is a huge undertaking and some companies stopped trying altogether.

This led to the rise in the use of pre-made, no-experience-necessary, slap-it-together websites.

More often than not, they are the most inhospitable to website user experiences, especially for those with disabilities.

Marketing has a bad reputation that has continued into present-day digital marketing tactics.

Today, causing alarm is common.  It works quite well on the web with the aid of social media.

Before the internet, people were easily manipulated by words…


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