SEO survival in 2019: Words of wisdom from Moz’s Dr. Pete Meyers

Search engine optimization is a never-ending process that is frequently subjected to rule changes and playbook adjustments – many of which tend to come seemingly out of the blue.

The past year was certainly an interesting and transitional time for organizations in their mission to rank well on Google’s search engine results. Many of the changes we’ve recently seen have forced many to return to the drawing board and refine their tactics.

In December, Kevin Svec and I sat down with Moz’s data scientist Dr. Pete Meyers to discuss some of the best SEO practices and mindsets to adopt in the foreseeable future. Throughout the podcast, Meyers shared a lot of valuable insight into big data, E-A-T Score and how to make it work in your favor and highlights from Google’s 2018 algorithm changes.

Making sense of Big Data

Over the past decade, the monster known as Big Data has taken on a monumental role in the business world and everyday life. Experts claim that around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced every single day. If harnessed correctly, an organization can find amazing insights to improve their SEO, predict relevant trends, create proactive strategies and much, much more.

However, with so much data out there, the challenge is finding those tiny needles in the gigantic haystack that translate to SEO success and avoiding data overload.

When it comes to making sense of website data and how it translates to SEO, Meyers offers this advice.

“Focus more on the science part and a little less on the data part some days.”

As marketers and business managers, it’s tempting to emphasize data collection as if it’s important just by itself. Meyers recommends taking preemptive measures before gathering data. Most importantly, take the time to understand the kinds of questions you are trying to ask and the kinds of problems you are trying to solve, then let these factors guide the data you search for.

For example, in terms of SEO,…


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