The Secret Life of Backlinks


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Backlinks are the backbone of your website – the stronger they are, the better the position of your website.

However, even the slightest change in your backlink profile – like the link disappears or a malicious one being added without your authorization – can dramatically affect your SEO efforts.

Basically, if you are not in constant view of what is happening with your backlinks – once the front door closes, your pets (a.k.a. the backlinks) can behave like unknown creatures.

Let’s take a look at what might happen to backlinks and what you can do to get them to behave like good puppies.

What Happens Behind Closed Doors

Many things can happen to your backlinks without you even knowing about it and destroy the perfect SEO life your website has been enjoying.

A cute little bunny might not be that cute after all.

There are links from resources that might be reputable and respectable but get hacked at some point with many malicious links added to their profile.

This change can affect your site as well. So don’t believe those blue innocent eyes – check them out.

This dog looks almost like a cat but not the cat, however.

Sometimes the link looks OK, but produces no results. That might happen when an extra dot accidentally is added to the URL or the dash gets spacing.

Even a little change like that completely messes up the link breaking it out. Check the resources you got the link from to make sure no new animals moved to the page address.

I’ve got a rival, what?

Remember when Duke moves in with Max and takes over his life? The same applies to your competition.

Watch your competitors – and their backlink profile closely because that’s what they do as well.

The least damage that they can do is copy your actions.

The worst, on the other hand, is negotiating with the publisher to replace the mention and a link to your site with their own, or luring away the…


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