Top 10 Ranking About Us Pages

About Us pages are frequently one of the highest viewed areas on a website.

They fuel many of the key assisted and direct goal completions tied to company contact with their audience, plus they land large volumes of organic users on a site when maximized to their true potential.

There is no better company page to focus on when it relates to impacting trust or understanding of your niche positioning within a market, and nurturing brand value, than the under-loved, and often overlooked About Us page.

What follows is a look at the top 10 ranking About Us pages in Google UK, as well as highlight a few of the reasons which may justify their inclusion in this list of top-rank performers.

As an aside, there is a great post on SEJ regarding the top 10 ranking Contact Us pages too, if you wanted to read more into company pages as a practical topic.

Top Ranking About Us Pages Approach

Top 10 Ranking About Us Pages - Google UK

Before getting into the top 10 About Us pages ranking at the time of writing this post, I just wanted to share some clarity on the selection process.

The top 10 ranked sites had to fulfill these four criteria for inclusion:

  • Be an actual About Us page: Many of the content items ranking were aggregate pieces, hence them not appearing here. In most cases, the URL structure would be something along the lines of –
  • Appear in Google UK incognito search top 10: For the desktop search query “About Us” (versus the remaining ~3.3 billion competing results).
  • Load: Be active/live at the point of clicking on the page.
  • Listed in the traditional SERPs: Not any rich results, answer boxes, carousels, or featured snippets.

I also made the decision that sub-domains were fine for inclusion too (case in question

Top 10 Ranking About Us Pages

The remainder of this post shares the top 10 ranking About Us pages, plus some initial thoughts and practical takeaways on each. About Us Page

The highest ranking genuine About Us page.

This provides a clean and simple design…


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