Top trends to increase value for paid search spend Search Engine Watch

If you’re like many small to medium sized businesses, budget is everything and every dollar counts.

And while spending advertising dollars may be a big part of your PPC campaign, it’s really the how behind the spend that matters.

More money doesn’t necessary equate to a successful campaign, and before you up your budget for the next quarter, take into account these top trends that can increase the value of your current paid search advertising spend.

Getting your ads and landing pages right on mobile is more important than ever

Expand your reach to millions of potential customers by optimizing your ads and landings pages for mobile device users. Every year, new data is released showing the growing prominence of mobile paid search vs. desktop paid search clicks. According to the Kenshoo Quarterly Trends Report, mobile shopping campaign impressions have more than doubled year-over-year, while click-through rates have stayed consistent. What does this mean to you as a small business?

To maintain a solid quality score and create ads the actually convert, make sure your ads are designed for mobile and your landing pages are user-friendly, no matter the device people are using.

As a PPC advertiser, you probably understand that bidding for a keyword doesn’t guarantee your placement in search results for that keyword. Ad platforms like Bing, Facebook and Google want to know that your ad will provide value to users who click on it.

So, if your ads look terrible from a mobile standpoint, or, if when a user clicks on the ad, they are taken to a landing page that isn’t optimized for a mobile experience, you’re going to get smacked with a low-quality score.

From a customer stand point, that makes sense. Have you ever felt frustrated trying to navigate a website from your phone that has hasn’t been built for that screen experience? Probably.

Bing, Google and Facebook know that too, so they try to…


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