Why Keyword-Driven Content Won’t Rank Your Startup (& What to Write Instead)


No, keywords aren’t dead.

Yes, they are still important.

But keyword-driven content isn’t for everyone or every business.

In fact, as a startup or a new business, keyword-driven content is likely a waste of time and money.

Here’s why and what you should be writing instead.

Your Domain Authority & Link Profile Are Crap

This isn’t a personal attack on your startup.

This is simply the harsh reality of starting a new venture.

Unless you’ve built an empire and amassed loyal followers in high numbers, your authority is going to be crap.

Ranking potential is slim to none.

Most keyword-driven content is overcrowded by titans of industry who’ve been crafting brand awareness and thought leadership for the last decade:

SERP for local seo

And that keyword has a mere 250 searches per month, according to Ahrefs.

But what about the long-tail?

Maybe five years ago. Now? The same old story: the rich (big brands in this case) have moved in and gentrified it, leaving almost zero space for the rest of us.

If your domain authority is crap, which it will be when you start a new venture, the time it takes to rank for this generic top of the funnel content isn’t worth the traffic you’ll get.

Couple that with a crappy link profile and it could be five years before a generic post on local SEO takes off for your brand.

You need rankings now. You need traffic now. You need brand awareness now. And writing keyword-driven content won’t get you there with crappy links and a crappy DA.

Your Connections & Budget Are Crap

If we can learn anything from the latest college admissions scandal, it’s that connections are key.

It’s no different in the workforce, and it’s no different in content marketing.

The more people you know, the better.

The more people you know and work with, the more you can mention each other’s content to help each other grow.

And when you are a brand new startup, you have almost no value to offer, and no budget to scale it, either.

To rank for popular niche terms, you need both connections…


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